Jacqueline Downs changes trains

It’s here. The Stations anthology published by Arachne Press (go to their website and you can even find me talking about the book, wearing so much make up that I look like a swarthy villain in an Enid Blyton story).

It hasn’t taken that long – just six months from submission to what you see here: me holding an actual book in my hands. A book that has one of my stories in it. And you can read the opening page here. Just buy the book if you want to find out how that unfinished sentence ends. Or come to one of these readings:

Wednesday 21 November, Clapham Books, 120 Clapham High Street
London, SW4 7UH
, 7.30pm.

Wednesday 28 November, Canvas and Cream, 18 London Road, Forest Hill, SE23 3HF, 7.30pm.

It would be good if this made you want to buy the book (not from Amazon because they don’t pay tax).

Holding an actual book in my hands. Better than a Kindle.

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2 Responses to Jacqueline Downs changes trains

  1. Hi Jacqueline! Lovely to see you yesterday 🙂 Do you have a Twitter at all? Mine is @elliemayonnaise. I also have a website: http://elliemayonnaise.weebly.com/

    Hopefully see you Sat! xx

  2. Thanks Ellie. I emailed you yesterday but it may have gone into your junk mail. I just wanted you to know that I am not on Twitter. I have glanced at your site and look forward to reading it properly. There are some things of mutual interest (my dad died when I was 10 – unbelievably lasting effect so I found your comments interesting, and will be going back to read). My mum died 3 years ago. I have a section on my blog about the many scatterings of her ashes, if you’re interested! It’s The Long Goodbye. Anyway, hope to see you soon. Jx

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