Books on shelves in shops


Stanfords (photo courtesy of Catharina)

Foyles, South Bank

Foyles, South Bank

Matt asked if I had seen Stations in the London Review Bookshop, my second favourite in the whole of London. I hadn’t, although only a few days earlier I had dragged two friends there, just to check. I asked why he hadn’t used his so-called smart phone to take a photo, and rather than be sacked (I am his boss) he spent some of his lunchtime visiting the bookshop only to return with nothing. The book had either been sold (good) or been deemed inappropriate for public display (bad). But this led elsewhere, to a series of photos of the book on shelves in shops. You know what to do….

Bookseller Crow on the Hill

Bookseller Crow on the Hill (photo courtesy of Andrew)

London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum (photo courtesy of Katy)

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2 Responses to Books on shelves in shops

  1. helen Ward says:

    I will peruse our local shelves here in FREEZING COLD north lincs & get back to you…. 🙂

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