As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a writer (well, first I wanted to be a teacher, and I’ve done that). My earliest writing memories are from junior school, where I was called into the headmaster’s office to read him my first (and, until 2011, my only) poem. I copied the stories from my Ladybird books out onto the back pages. At ten, I started rewriting Grease for the stage, from memory (I’d seen the film several times by then), not realising it had already been done.

My friend Tom once asked me how I felt when I write. I didn’t even hesitate: ‘I feel happy.’ So, this blog is to try to make me feel a bit happier. And in it I’ll be writing about reading: the stories I write and then read at events; the stories I write that others read at events, allowing me to get drunk and eat chips. And I’ll be writing about writing: the stories I write that end up in magazines (both online and the kind you can hold in your hands); the non-fiction I write for this blog and other online sources.

The Long Goodbye tells the story of the various places I have scattered my mum’s ashes since she died in May 2009. On special occasions I take a Thermos flask filled with ashes to places that have meant something to her and me. Not as miserable as it sounds, hopefully.

Short Stories provides just that: links to stories that have been published online or in print.

Short Stories Live gives accounts of the readings of my stories, by me or others, at various events.

True Storytelling Live details the true stories I have told, mainly but not exclusively at Spark London.

Non-fiction gives you links to the features I write for a website called For Books’ Sake (and if anyone has a good idea about how to phrase this I’d be grateful. Saying ‘For For Books’ Sake’ just doesn’t work for me).

See. It really is me reading and writing.