Contact and Copyright

If you want to contact me, please email me on:

The stuff below sounds a little angry, but it really is just to protect me, not least because someone who wasn’t a good (or, ultimately, very nice) filmmaker threatened to make a film of one of my stories and I really didn’t want him to do so. If you’re a good and nice filmmaker I’ll certainly be interested (as you’ll see if you read this blog: someone wants to film a different story, and I do want them to do so. Because they’re good and nice).

Copyright information: Copyright Jacqueline Downs.

Jacqueline Downs owns the copyright to all text and images on this site unless otherwise stated, along with the copyright to all text reached by links provided on this site or accessed independently of this site where she is named as the author. Unauthorised reproduction, use and/or duplication in any medium of any material contained on this site (or on other sites where Jacqueline Downs is named as the author) in part or whole, is prohibited. Please contact the address above if you wish to reproduce all or part of any of the material written by Jacqueline Downs.

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