Past events (my stuff, read by me, live)

April 2010: The true story behind ‘10.17pm’ at Spark London.

May 2010: ‘10.17pm’ at the New Cross Inn.

July 2010: ‘Baby Giraffe’ at Spark London (also available on iTunes. Seriously.)

July 2010: ‘This Thing is Not Yet Over’ at Storytails.

October 2010: ‘She Didn’t Believe in Ghosts’ at Sphinx Dining Club and Storytails.

October 2010: The story of my mum’s misdiagnosis of cancer at Reel Health (UCL) and Spark London.

April 2011: True stories from my London family at Shadows and Fog in Bermondsey.

May 2011: Some of those true stories again, this time at Spark London.

June 2011: Reading a story written the day before at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival, via Storytails.

May 2012: A finalist in the Bad Language/National Flash Fiction Day competition, in Manchester, with ‘Steady’.

October 2012: Reading ‘Red’ at the launch of Open Pen magazine (Issue 6) at LVX books in Bethnal Green.

November 2012: Reading ‘She Didn’t Believe in Ghosts’ as part of the Stations anthology publicity drive, at Clapham Books and Canvas and Cream in Forest Hill.

December 2012: Official launch of the Stations anthology and reading of an extract from ‘She Didn’t Believe in Ghosts’ at the Brunel Museum.

January 2013: ‘She Didn’t Believe in Ghosts’ on my home turf, at The Bookseller Crow on the Hill.

October 2013: ‘Olympic Torch Trilogy’ on my former home turf, The Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green.

October 2013: And the same story read on my current home turf, The Bookseller Crow on the Hill in Crystal Palace.

October 2014: ‘Baby Giraffe’ gets another airing at Spark Encore at the Exmouth Market Theatre.