Non-fiction writing

March 2011: Poetry masterclass with Sophie Mayer on For Books’ Sake.

June 2011: Review of Sophie Mayer’s new poetry collection on For Books’ Sake.

July 2011: Review of Letters You Never Sent on For Books’ Sake.

September 2011: Bookish Birthday on For Books’ Sake – Agatha Christie.

December 2011: Book of the Year on For Books’ Sake.

August 2013: A love letter to my wonderful local bookshop, The Bookseller Crow on the Hill, in Open Pen magazine, issue 9.

December 2014: A piece about my amazing dad, Alfred Downs, on Ted Kessler’s My Old Man website. Note: the piece is no longer on the website. In 2015 Ted started work on newly commissioned pieces – famous people writing about their dads. He chose a few existing pieces from the website to appear in the book. Mine was one of them. The book, My Old Man – Tales of our Fathers,  was published by Canongate in May 2016. 

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